CaaStor™ – Multi-channel VAS Software Platform

CaaStor™ is Stonehenge’s Premier Architecture, as it is really the “wizard-behind-the-curtain” for all of our multi-channel VAS software platforms. Its core structure is multi-channel content delivery software capable of fast and efficient deployment of VAS services such as Interactive Inbound/Outbound delivery of bulk Voice, Video, SMS, MMS and USSD Services.

CaaStor can be used as the core communications layer when building a complete Mobile Money and Mobile Banking platform and where services can retrieve, use and store data from external content servers/content providers, such as customer’s bank data. Or Conversely, CaaStor™ services can be highly customized using a simple yet versatile web based scripting tool, allowing unmatched flexibility in designing rapidly step by step interactive USSD, SMS and voice/video services.

Key Features

CaaStor™ is a Multi-Tenant solution. It allows for integration into several Operators’ networks, and has the following characteristics:

  • Support of Multiple Operators simultaneously
  • Multiple Service Providers, with multi-level hierarchy
  • Rebranding capability for each registered account
  • Extensive performance, Revenue and Activity reports
  • Hosting of multiple SMS, USSD, Voice and Video Services
  • Multiple Campaigns on any communication channel
  • Realtime Campaign schedule monitoring
  • Customization of broadcasted messages with information from imported data
  • Multi-level prepaid Charging engine
  • Rating of services based on destinations
  • Access numbers/Short codes are defined and assigned to Services
  • Web based Design and testing of USSD, SMS and Voice/Video interactive applications
  • Call Detailed Reports for billing purposes, and billing reconciliation
  • Support of MAP on SS7-TDM or SS7-SIGTRAN(SS7 on IP) for SMS, MMS and USSD
  • Support of SS7-ISUP, ISDN, SIP/RTP for voice and video calls
  • Integration with off-the-shelf USSD Gateways using XML-RPC, HTTP/s, SMPP, ParlayX
  • Integration with Operator’s SMS-C using SMPP or , ParlayX protocol
  • Integration with Operator’s MMS-C using MM7 protocol
  • Interaction with Content servers and/or BSS using HTTP, SOAP, .NET SOAP.
  • Role based Web user access
  • Transactions logging and tracing
  • User access and action logging for auditing