onyx VoiceXML Browser Gateway

OnyX – VoiceXML Browser Gateway

OnyX is our premier Voice Browser Gateway used to deploy today’s diverse VoiceXML and CCXML applications with speech recognition and speech synthesis, or with the more traditional interactive applications that use pre-recorded prompts and DTMF driven applications.

OnyX is offered primarily as a full SIP-based Gateway, but also can be TDM based for connecting to SS7/ISDN networks or hybrid (VOIP and TDM) networks. Further design benefits are derived from our Modular, Distributed and Client/Server middleware, which provides deployment scalability ranging from 30 to 2000 channels in a single platform.

OnyX’s Voice Browser has extra features that extend beyond basic VoiceXML, thanks to its underlying powerful middleware. Although the list of features is comprehensive, some of our more popular are the Application to Application Hand-off, VCR functions for Navigation in Voice Messages, Multiparty Conferencing, 2-party Call-Bridging and Karaoke. Our Web GUI OA&M (Operation, Administration and Management) provides a user-friendly interface for configuration, routing rules, monitoring, and statistical data, which are all accessed through a role-based security protocol, making it more controlled and secure for multiple users.

Key Features

  • Linux based 1U server size
  • Multi-tenant Platform
  • VXML 2.1 & CCXML 1.0 interpreter, a JavaScript Engine & a MRCP 2.0 support
  • Integrated & Powerful SIP (RFC 3261) Stack
  • Integrated Host Media Processing Engine
  • TDM based on Sangoma™ SS7 and ISDN boards
  • Capacity of 2000 SIP calls / 1,000 different VXML/CCXML applications
  • 4, 8, 16, 32 E1/T1 TDM (SS7 or ISDN) / 960 SS7 or ISDN calls
  • Web-based GUI for Remote Operation Administration and Management
  • Powerful VAS extensions to VXML
  • Secured Connection to Web Servers
  • Secure, Role-based Access through Web GUI
  • Flexible Inbound and Outbound Routing Rules
  • Real-time monitoring of call sessions with CDR