Stonehenge Telecom Holdings Announces Expansion in Asian-Pacific Market

Stonehenge Telecom Holdings Announces Expansion in Asian-Pacific Market

“Stonehenge Telecom Holdings Announces Expansion in Asian-Pacific Market”

MARINA BAY SANDS, SINGAPORE, JUNE 1st 2015— Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc. (“Stonehenge”) announced today that it has expanded its physical presence in the Asia Pacific Region with the opening of a new sales and operations facility in Singapore. This new facility will centralize local operations and serve as an important incubator of growth in the Region. “Encouraged by innovation and economic growth, Singapore continues to be the epicenter of technological advancements and is one of the most foreign-trade friendly markets in Asia; the perfect recipe for our corporate success in the market,” said Stonehenge’s Chief Marketing Officer Jerrad P. Jasper.

The office will be managed by Mr. Bert Procee, Vice President of Stonehenge’s Technology Services Group-APAC. Mr. Procee has been working from Stonehenge’s Bangkok, Thailand office and has been overseeing the area for the company since 2010. “Over the past three years, Stonehenge has been very successful in achieving a number of major milestones within our strategic roadmap and this newly opened office is expected to have immediate impact on our ability to serve our local clients and expand our technology footprint in this highly strategic area of the world.,” said Patrick C. Willemsen, CEO. Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc.

About Stonehenge:
Stonehenge Telecom is a U.S. based Technology Holding Company with operating units in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our primary clients are Telecom Carriers, Mobile Operators, System/Network Integrators, Financial Institutions and Large Enterprises. Utilizing our proprietary technology and carrier-grade software products, we are able to provide turn-key or niche-specific solutions for Mobile Network Operators and Financial/Banking Organizations seeking to deploy mobile banking and payment solutions, multimedia products, and various other value-added services (VAS) available through the mobile network and handheld device.
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