Stonehenge Telecom Holdings Announces Mexican Market Expansion for their Mobile Financial Services (MFS) and Micro-lending Platform.

Stonehenge Telecom Holdings Announces Mexican Market Expansion for their Mobile Financial Services (MFS) and Micro-lending Platform.

Maitland, FL –– February 24th 2014, Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc., (“Stonehenge”) a leading provider of mobile technologies and Mobile Financial Services (MFS), is pleased to announce their market expansion into the Mexican and Latin American Markets. The inaugural scope of services entails a well-funded micro-lending program and the localized promotion of their robust mobile payment system, which includes a prepaid credit card platform and a network-neutral cloud-based platform.

“The expansion of our core relationships in Mexico, combined with the recent engagement of Forefront Capital, establishes the catalyst for our expansion of financial and payment services in Latin America,” said Patrick Willemsen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc.

“Latin America and more specifically Mexico has always been a significant incubator for financial inclusion initiatives to the underbanked and unbanked population, and the well-respected and established government and education sector is no exception. When you layer our competitively-priced models with our proprietary mobile technologies and prepaid credit cards, you have the perfect recipe for long-term success with a scalable financial product,” said Jerrad P. Jasper, Chief Marketing Officer of Stonehenge Telecom Holdings, Inc.

Stonehenge has initiated licensing and corporate regulatory compliance with local authorities in Mexico and expects to commence physical commercial operations in the next 30 days, with future regional hubs in Latin America and the Caribbean throughout the next year.

About Stonehenge:
Stonehenge Telecom is a facilities-based U.S. Telecommunications Company with operating units in Europe, Africa and Asia. Positioned as a Leading Provider of Telecommunications Products and Services for the Telecom and Financial Services Industry, Stonehenge offers one of the most advanced suites of technology and wholesale offerings available today. Utilizing our proprietary technology and carrier-grade software products, we are able to provide turn-key solutions for Mobile Network Operators and Financial/Banking Organizations seeking to deploy mobile banking and payment solutions, multimedia products, and various other value-added services available through the mobile device.

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