StreamVas™ – Mobile Value-Added Services Platform

StreamVas™ is VAS Platform that enables Mobile Operators and VAS Providers to design, deploy and stream VAS audio and video multimedia content directly to the mobiles of their subscribers. Enriched VAS Mobile Services apply the connected and remote nature of Mobility and extend the reach of content and service delivery to the end-users, all via our CaaStor Architecture and StreamVas platform.

StreamVas is truly multi-channel since it allows simultaneous access to the services and their configuration thought SMS, IVR, USSD and Ip/WEB. It is provided with ready-to-deploy services such as BGM, Dedication, RBT and R2M and can be easily expanded to integrate custom services thanks to its modular, scalable and fully redundant architecture.

Key Features

  • Easy to expand the service with existing, future et custom modules
  • Scalable to virtually unlimited capacity
  • Streaming of Multimedia Content to Mobile end users
  • Truly Multi-channel. Access through SMS, USSD, IVR and WEB
  • Provided with ready-to-deploy Services: BGM, RBT, R2M
  • Fully redundant and modular architecture
  • Multichannel Marketing Campaigns tool and fast subscription
  • The portfolio of services is expanding: New services are added on a regular basis
  • Each of the services provided by StreamVAS comes with:
    • Core service runtime
    • OA&M Web interface
    • Customer care Web interface
    • Marketing & performance Web interface
    • Content Provider Web interface
  • Web Admin Portals for customer care, marketing and content providers
  • Open Platform: Customized and dedicated services can be added on demand